Quality Management

The Fire Man Dave began in December 2005 to provide high quality circus based entertainment and educational services to the public and private sector. The Fire Man Dave is self employed and based in Hebden Bridge West Yorkshire.


I wish to provide a high level of quality in the work that I do for many reasons;


I wish to feel good about the standard of work that I provide.

I want to get future bookings because of the quality of the work I offer.

I wish to live in a culture that values high quality circus based work and aim to be one of many practitioners working to a high level.

I aim to provide a service which at least meets the client's expectations and I hope will exceed what they are expecting.


I am committed to continuous improvement and have established a Quality Management System which provides a framework for measuring and improving my performance.


I have the following systems and procedures in place to support my aim of total customer satisfaction and continuous improvement throughout my work;


  1. Regular gathering and monitoring of customer feedback

  2. Ongoing training and development


This policy is posted on my website and is available for public scrutiny.


When working in collaboration with other artists, I will ensure that I am able to maintain the high quality of work I offer.  I will do this by discussing their approach to work, evaluating evidence of their previous work and preferably through observing their work first hand before committing to work together.


The policy review date is 1st April 2012


D. Ford