No Fit State Circus' Open House

Directed by Orit Azaz, Open House is an immersive, ever-evolving large-scale circus installation where anything can happen and everything becomes an excuse for performance and spectacle.

Flowing through the town, setting up in a city square, unfolding flags, umbrellas and piles of bric-a-brac, there is no big top but a colony of musicians, acrobats and aerialists exploding out of caravans - a joyous menagerie of circus chaos setting the town alive.

For the Summer Season of 2015 I was the MC for the show.  My role included introducing, directing, moving, encouraging, instructing, commenting, informing and generallly talking a lot to the people at the shows.  Oh and a solid chunk of juggling in an ensemble piece in the show on top of a caravan too.